I have benefited from some other people who share info about books they read. So I share notes about audiobooks I listen to (that's the main way I consume books). My most common categories of books to listen to are biographies of influential people, really broad books with a lot of facts that might illuminate how the social world works, and philosophy that's different from what I studied in grad school. There are also many books about communication and relationships, but only a few that I really liked. I often comment about why I chose the book and what I got out of it, though I've gotten more brief over time.

Some of my favorite audiobooks so far:

For fun: 

Some of my favorite podcasts include (alphabetical order):







In the beginning of the year, I listened to a lot of recorded GiveWell conversations, and a lot of episodes of This American Life. I also spend less time commuting now, and that means I get through fewer audiobooks. 

I feel like the audiobooks I listened to were less exciting this year, and I also listened to fewer of them. I also have been less diligent about taking good notes.


Listed in roughly the order I listened to them.